There was a village named Kasar surrounded by dense forests and mountains from all sides. There lived a girl named Meghna in the same village. Who was willing to go here with her friend Charulata.

Because of being very poor, he had to yearn for every piece of bread. She was so poor that she had only one bread to go to her friend’s house.

That day, the cold weather was at its peak. In such adverse circumstances, she took a piece of bread in a bag and went out to visit the friend. After walking for some time, he saw an old person sitting on the way.

The old man told Meghna that I have been hungry for the last three days, give me something to eat. Meghna gave one of the breads left with her to the old man. That old man blessed Meghna with all his heart.

Meghna then proceeded for some time and found a small child under the tree. The child was sitting there in very short clothes in the cold winter. Because of which that child was shivering from head to point.

The child requested Meghna to give me something to wear. Meghna took pity on that child, then Meghna, without considering anything, covered that child with the shawl she had.

Meghna now moved forward, but now she started shivering due to cold. Now she could not understand anything due to cold, due to which she herself shrunk down under the tree.

When he sat down, his eyes went towards the sky. Then a star fell from the sky, that star fell directly near it. When he looked closely, he came to know that it is not a star but a gold coin.

On seeing this, his clothes changed from beautiful clothes. She now had velvet shoes in her feet. There was a shawl over the clothes, there was a beautiful flower basket in front. The basket was filled with sweets and delicious fruits. Thus, God also rewarded and blessed his merciful nature.

Moral: God also helps only the kind, and the person who helps others.

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