One day in a school, education officers were coming to inspect the school. So that day, all the teacher along with peon were present in the school before the time, dressed in good clothes.

After prayer, teachers started classes at regular time. After starting of classes, the Education Officer began to closely examine every section of the school. After inspecting all the departments, the officer went to every class and started asking questions to the students.

He entered in 5th class where the teacher was teaching English subject. The officer pitched four students and, speaking an English word to each, asked the students to write their spellings on the slate.

The class teacher already knew that not all students would be able to answer the question. Therefore, it was said a day before in class, that if a student does not get the answer to a question. Then the nearby student should tell that student the answer to that question.

Among those four students, Mohan was told that he was not going to write the spelling of the word. So the nearby student began to show Mohan by writing his correct spelling on his slate. The teachers who were in front also came to know that Mohan was not going to write the spelling of that word.

Therefore, teacher also indirectly pointed to Mohan to copy the word from the slate of the nearby student. But Mohan did not do that, eventually all the students except Mohan. As some students had written spelling by copying and some know some knows the actual spelling. Therefore, only Mohan was the student who was not written anything on slate.

When a Mohan did not come to write, the officer got disappointed and moved to the next class.

On asking Mohan, why he did not write a word from student nearby, Mohan said, “It is a sin to copy others work.”

Motivating though by Mahatma Gandhi

The teacher was shocked after hearing such a big talk from the face of such a small child.

Today, the tendency of copying others is increasing among the students. But Mohan always caught the path of truth and never learned to copy others. This Mohan went ahead and played an important role in liberating India. And Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi became a leading leader of India by becoming Mahatma Gandhi.

Moral: Way of Truth difficult to follow, but following that path, one day you are surely succeed.

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