There was a man named Birju who was very gentle. Birju had a monkey named Lala.

Birju used to feed his stomach through the same monkey. He had trained the monkey to do various acrobatics and stunts.

For entertainment, people would give money, which the monkey would collect through a pouch. After collection, he would bring that bag to his master Birju.

One day Birju went to the bird house with Lala the monkey. There monkey Lala saw another monkey locked in a cage.

Hundreds of people had come to see him, and they were happily giving biscuits and delicious fruits to the monkey.

Monkey Lala became jealous of that monkey inside the cage. He thought that how good luck this monkey is? How easily he is getting food and drink without doing anything.

That night Monkey Lala also thought the running away to the bird house. He also successfully escaped out from the sight of the owner Birju.

Avoiding and hiding from the eyes of Birju, the monkey reached the bird house. There now, he also started getting free food and without any hard work.

For monkey Lala too, A life of comfort locked in a cage is good for some days.

But after a few days, he remembered the freedom he got by living with his master. He wanted the same independent life again.

Now he made a plan to run away from the bird house. With great difficulty, Monkey Lala managed to escape from there as well.

He went to the owner and started working and doing stunts again. Now it is very well understood to monkey that what is the value of freedom?

Moral: A luxurious life without freedom is useless for anyone. Freedom is priceless, therefore, if one has to choose between a free life full of hard work and a dependent luxury life without freedom, then it is wise to choose a free life full of hard work.

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