Pradeep always asks his parents, what is the most precious Vaastu Kausi in this world?

A few days later, the father said to Pradeep: “Son Pradeep, come with me in today’s seminar, you will find the answer to your question.”

Pradeep immediately got ready and left with his father.

At the time of that seminar, he started his talk by showing a note of two thousand rupees in his hand The speaker asked, “Would anyone like to take this two thousand rupee note?”
Many people raised their hands.

Then the speaker said, before giving this note to anyone, I want to do something with this note.
Now the speaker took the note in his hand and turned it from many places.

Then the speaker asked, “Now who would want to take this note?”

A lot of people raised their hands again.

The speaker said, “Well, right now the note is neat and tidy so you might still want to take this note. Now should I drop this note down and crush my feet?

Would you still like to take this note?

And now that speaker dropped a note of two thousand rupees on the ground and trampled on it.
Now the speaker took the dirty note in his hand and said, now who needs these notes?
Many of the listeners sitting down raised their hands again.

The speaker said, “Friends, you have all learned an important lesson in this seminar. Even after I did so much with the two thousand note today, you wanted to take this note, because even after all this, the value of this note did not diminish in the slightest. He is still only two thousand rupees. In the same way in life we ​​fall very often.

Many times our decisions are the cause of our downfall. Sometimes in life it seems that there is no value in our life. But, friends, understand one thing, whatever happens in the life to come, and whatever happens to you in the future. Your value is never low in life. Always remember one thing in life: You are special in your life.”

After listening to this entire seminar, Pradeep got the answer to his question.

Moral: The life of any person is the most precious thing in the world for that person.

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