Tricky Riddles with Answers for Kids

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Hello, guys. Whether you are a kid or not, solving super tricky riddles is always like doing acrobatics for your brain.

According to de, tricky Riddles for students will help to boost their IQ. Apart from it, people love to solve riddles is especially children.

Riddles are the best method to improve the mood of children, and it also increases your problem-solving ability.

Moreover, you smile when you solve the riddle, so ultimately, it reduces your stress level riddles can be a fun way to learn and keep children engaged.

We collected 51 tricky riddles with answers to make you curious and keep your brain active.

What riddles actually are?

Riddles are tricky brain teasers that can be in the form of statements or questions. Riddles can be framed in a deceptive way and usually answered in a word or a single sentence.

Riddles can have hidden meaning behind which needs creative thinking. Moreover, such tricky riddles have very unexpected answers and need to have out of box thinking to solve them.

51 Tricky Riddles with Answers for Kids:

Accelerate your brain horses and see how many of you can solve these tricky riddles without seeing or searching for answers. Instead, answer all questions and then click on submit answers to see whether your answers are correct or not.

Welcome to your Tricky Riddles for Kids

What is the capital of Bulgaria?
Which word becomes longest when you remove one word and add two letters to it.
What two things you can never eat in your dinner?
No one would ask you without me. Whole world bows in front of me. Most of the people forget their honesty once they see me. Who am I?
You participated in car racing competition and before finish ribbon your car pass the person in the second place. At what place did you finish the race in?
I am only a word in dictionary that can be spelled incorrectly. Who am I?
If you don't follow me, I will break. who am I?
Ravi's father has four children. Asha, Usha, Lata and ____?
It is yours but your family and friends use it often. What is it?
Which year in historical decades have 360 days?

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