Authentic Rama Stories in English

Hi everyone, today I am going to share with you Tenali Rama stories in English with moral. So, without wasting time let’s dive into stories.

Tenali Rama Stories in English with Moral:

One day, to give a Brahmin feast at the Tenali Rama temple, he went to his neighbor Shastriji to bring a large vessel. Then Shastriji’s son was alone at home, whose name was Gulabchand. Gulabchand used to have a lot of fun fooling others. When Tenali Rama asked him for a big embroidery, Gulabchand gave it to Rama. Gulabchand told Rama to take the vessel with him, because the vessel is from the stomach.

The next day Tenali Rama, after giving a banquet in the temple, brought home the embroidery along with other utensils. After a while, Gulabchand himself came to Rama’s house and started asking him for utensils. Rama also gave his big embroidery to Gulabchand.

When giving embroidery, Gulabchand said, vessel is fine, but where is its child? Where did Tenali Rama say, children, I just took embroidery yesterday, and do vessels ever have children?

Gulabchand said, “Yes, it happens that the embroidery was from the stomach yesterday, therefore, yesterday I told you to take the vessel carefully.” The debate went on for some time but Gulabchand was not ready to accept anything. Then Rama also gave four small bowls with big vessel.

Now Gulabchand was very happy, he felt that people have put Tenali Rama on their head in vain. There is no idiot like him in the whole of Vijayanagar.

Tenali Rama went to the same Shastriji again the next day to ask for utensils. Gulabchand was present at home again that day. Gulabchand thought, let’s go again, the goat has come to the butcher himself. He was happy and gave the pot to Tenali Rama again. Even today, Gulabchand has to be careful while leaving. Tenali Rama laughed and said, “Gulabchandji, don’t worry, I will take your vessel very easily.”

The next day Gulabchand again went to Tenali Rama’s house to ask for his utensils. Then Tenali Rama said with a sad face, “How can I tell you, your vessel died last night due to labor pains.”

Now Gulabchand spoke anxiously and said, “But, how is this possible, does embroidery ever die?”

Then Tenali Rama said, “Yes, what to do now this is the truth.”
Gulabchand spoke again, “Are you crazy? Does vessel ever die? Bring me back my embroidery. ”

Then Tenali Rama said, “If vessel can be done from the stomach, and vessel can have children, then why can’t vessel die?”

Now Gulabchand understood everything. Gulabchand apologized to Tenali Rama and returned his bowl and took his vessel and went back.

Moral: Never forget to fool or make others foolish. If you do this, one day you will fall into the trap made for others.

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