Story Of Raja Harishchandra

Raja Harishchandra- Story of Ancient Times

Vishwamitra’s pledge:

The story that I am going to tell today is from hundreds of years before the Ramayana. When King Harishchandra ruled in the city of Ayodhya. At that time, his justice and Satyavachni were dominated all over the world. Narada Muni, who always visited the world with the name of Hari in the mouth, was also very impressed with him. After that Narada Muni departed to Swargalok. When he reached Swargalok, the court of Indra, the king of heaven, was full.

Dev, Gandharva, Rishi-sages etc. were present in the court. Many of the mighty Maharaja, artologist, Mahavidwan were also present in the court of heaven.

Narada Muni entered the court, taking Hari’s name and playing Veena with his hand.

“Narayan Narayan!”

All courtiers were enchanted as soon as Narada Muni’s happy face, Veena’s Manjul Swar and Hari’s name fell on their ears. All courtiers had great respect for Devarshi Narada Muni. So all the courtiers bowed down and bowed to him. Indra, the king of the gods, bowed to them and made them respectfully easy.

Then the court started, Devadhiraja Indra said to Narada Muni, “Tell me Devarshi, how come? Everything is efficient Mars, isn’t it? Tell me if you have some specific talks with Bhoolok. “

Narada Muni said, “All is well manned by the will of God. But there is one special thing that is really worth telling. “

Indra asked, “What is the special thing in Bhooloka that is not even in heaven?”

Narada Muni said, “In Devadhiraj there is a city called Ayodhya in Bhuloka. Till date I have not seen a city like Ayodhya and anywhere. In today’s time, King Harishchandra is ruling there. Devadhiraj I must have known how many times I have visited all the three worlds. But I have never seen Satyavachni like King Harishchandra, and a dutiful king. “

Indra asked, “Is not such a king, Devarshi, even in the three worlds?”

Narada Muni said, “No Devadhiraj! I did not see a king like him. Along with that, his son Rohidas and wife Taramati are equally talented. “

Naradji further said, “I travel with him to many cities every day. But I have not seen a city like Ayodhya, even a delectable city like anywhere else. ”

King Harishchandra was a disciple of the great sage Vashistha, one of the sages. Many sages sitting in the court included sage Vasistha. The sage Vasishtha became very happy after listening to the praise of King Harishchandra by Devarshi Narada Muni.

Then Vasistha could not stay with the sage and he said, “You are telling the truth, Devarshi! He is a real king. “

Other sages who were present included sage Vishwamitra. His anger was always on his nose.
Hearing the praise of King Harishchandra, the disciple of Vasishtha Rishi, Rishi Vishwamitra was very angry. The sage Vishwamitra has always been angry with the sage Vasishtha.

Now Vishwamitra said, “Anyone who is a disciple of his own will be praised.” On the other side is Narada Muni who is being praised on Harishchandra’s praise. But still I do not agree with both of you. So why should I take a test of his sexual assault?

Hearing this, the sage Vasistha said, “Vishwamitra, see whatever test you take, but I have full faith in my disciple. Whatever it may be, Harishchandra will never be deprived of his duty. Why do you want to prove yourself wrong by taking the exam. “

Vishwamitra’s anger touched the sky seeing Sage Vasistha’s self-confidence towards his disciple.

Vishwamitra was no longer there and he said, “If you are saying this much then, I will take his anatomy. If I am proved wrong, I will donate my thousand years of spiritual practice. The spiritual practice that I did was to create the new world. And if I managed to torture Harishchandra, then Harishchandra would become a sinful partner instead of sending me back without hospitality. This is my vow. “

Hearing the promise of Vishwamitra, all the courtiers were shocked. Anyway, everyone was familiar with Vishwamitra’s pledge and might. Therefore, everyone started to think that now King Harishchandra will be persecuted. With this pledge, Devadhiraja ordered the assembly meeting held in the court. All the courtiers started worrying about King Harishchandra.

Sage Vasistha Advice:

After the meeting held at Indrapuri, the sage brought the concern of his beloved disciple to Ayodhya. King Harishchandra was seated on the throne in his court. On seeing his Guru, he rose from the throne and went to the Guru and took his blessings.

Then, seated him on a pedestal with respect and washed his feet and asked, “Gurudev! You seem in a hurry today. Any special purpose to come here? “

Sage Vasistha was anxious to tell Harishchandra the incident that took place in the court of heaven.

He told the whole incident in Indradarbar and said, “Watts! From now on you need to be more careful and alert. “

He told, “Rishi Vishwamitra is now living in the forest towards the south of the city. Whatever you are, do not go in that direction at all. Because, Vishwamitra is very knowledgeable and capable. They can cause you great harm by entangling you in your words. Therefore, it is good to stay away from them. “
After giving this gesture, Rishi Vasistha went to Prayagraj i.e. presently Allahabad. Where he started doing virtuous rituals for his beloved disciple. Because, the sage Vasistha was well aware of the crisis his disciple faced.

Sage Vasistha also left no stone unturned to make his disciple dutiful and capable. But the crisis that was coming now was very big. Even sage Vasistha could not help his disciple even if he wanted to. But he was confident in his disciple’s strength and duty.

Friends, this was the time when the disciples were completely devoted to the Guru. And the Guru would leave no stone unturned to make his disciple dutiful and powerful.

Ayodhya borders closed by Vishwamitra:

Vishwamitra also left Indra Sabha and came to the forest near Ayodhya. Where he started auspicious penance by lighting an unbroken yajna to please Maa Durga. It was not so easy to please Mother Bhagwati. Therefore, the sage Vishwamitra started offering sacrifices to the flesh of his body. There was a time when every part of his body was sacrificed when only the bones of his body were finished and only bones were left.

Still, the sage Vishwamitra was not at all sorry for his actions. Goddess Durga was pleased due to such extreme penance. Mother Durga appeared and looked at Vishwamitra. Vishwamitra’s body again became normal as soon as Mother Durga saw it.

Mother Durga said to Vishwamitra, “Watts open your eyes, your penance succeeded. Ask for whatever you want. “

Vishwamitra said, “I don’t want anything, I just have a wish that all boundaries of the city of Ayodhya be closed.”

Mother Durga said, “Aastu!”

So many fierce tigers came out of Yajnakund. On seeing Hinsadr’s creed, all beings and humans started fleeing with their lives in their fists. Those tigers surrounded Ayodhya from all sides, destroying whatever human or creature appeared on the way. The tigers took over all the gates to enter Ayodhya. Because of which no human could come in and Ayodhya residents could not go out. All Ayodhya residents were surprised by the tigers coming to all the entrances.

With all the tigers closing the borders, the trade and movement of people came to a complete halt. Therefore, some people went to the court of King Ayodhya Harishchandra and told about the tigers.
“King! With the tigers encircling entire Ayodhya, the trade, the exit and movement of Ayodhya people is completely closed. The tigers have also created terror on all the routes inside Ayodhya. Therefore, no one is unable to leave their home. I request all Ayodhya people to do something for those tigers. “

King Harishchandra also asked the chief Satvakirti to prepare four army troops to treat the tigers. King Harishchandra had mastered archery. He himself killed all the tigers one by one in front of the army while chasing the tigers. Fearful of killing the tigers, the people were freed.

The king was also happy to free his kingdom from trouble. Not long after killing the tigers, some deer were seen in the forest near South Sima. On seeing the deer, he felt like hunting. Sending the army back, he along with his son, wife and chief ran behind the deer.

Everyone rode on their horses and went after the deer. While chasing, Maharaj forgot the advice of his Gurudev. The four now reached Vishwamitra’s huts in the dense forest. All the deer went invisible near Vishwamitra’s huts. King Harishchandra could not understand where all the deer disappeared. Vishwamitra came out of the hut in a few moments.

King Harishchandra bowed at seeing him, but Vishwamitra angrily looked at the king and said, “O wicked you do not be ashamed while killing these soulless creatures.”

Maharaj did not understand anything while listening to the sage Vishwamitra. But such a great ascetic that it would not be right to cut it down, so Maharaj remained calm. Then Maharani Taramati came forward and said, “Gurudev you all know. It is but natural for us to be mistaken by an insignificant person like us. I beg you to please forgive our mistake. “

Both Pradhan and Harishchandra’s son Rohidas also apologized to the sage Vishwamitra. But Vishwamitra was very angry, and looking at Maharaj angrily, went inside the huts.

King Harishchandra did not understand such behavior of sage Vishwamitra. Then Maharaj, his wife, son and pradhan walked together for a while. After some time, everyone got a panoramic view of the pond. In which the flamingos were freely behaving. There were many lotus flowers in the pond which were making the pond more attractive. Many birds by the side of that pond,

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