Stingy Sunderlal

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A young man named Hari Kishan lived in Vilasnagar. He used to work in a small company and run a house. His friend named Sunderlal would come from his village all the time and stayed at Hari Kishan’s house. Sundarlal came to Hari Kishan’s house again during a festival. Seeing him, Hari Kishan’s heart got worried.

Seeing Hari Kishan in a worried mood, his wife asked, “What’s the matter?” You look upset? “

Hari Kishan said, “Nothing special, but my friend who has come home, is a very stingy man. Therefore, whenever he comes to our house, he gets all his expenses for me. ”

Then, wife of Hari Kishan said, “You don’t worry at all, I will tell you the treatment.”

The next day, Hari Kishan took his friend along for a tour. This time, Hari Kishan thought to teach his friend Sunderlal a lesson.

While wandering, both of them reached the market place of the city. Then Hari Kishan said to Sunderlal, whatever you should take, feel free to tell me that I will get you that.

Then Hari Kishan took him to the hotel, and Kishan asked the hotel waiter that, “Brother, how is the food of the hotel?”

That’s when the hotel owner comes there, and says, “Sir, hotel food is as delicious as sweets.”

Then Hari Kishan said to Sunderlal that, “If the food is like sweets, then let’s take sweets only.”

When both went to the sweets shop, again Hari Kishan asked the shopkeeper, “How are the sweets?”

Then the shopkeeper said, “Sir, sweets are sweet just like honey, taste it if you want.”

Hari Kishan again said to his friend Sunderlal, “If sweets are like honey, we should take honey only.”

Now both of them went to the shopkeeper selling honey. Then Hari Kishan asked again, “Brother how is honey?”

Then the shopkeeper replied, “Our honey is pure and pure like water.”

Now Hari Kishan said to his friend, “Let me give you the purest food till date.”

Hari Kishan gave the pot full of water to Sunderlal. Now, Sunderlal realized his mistake. Sunderlal understood that Hari Kishan is doing all this to teach him a lesson. Sunderlal apologized to his friend Hari Lal. On apologizing, Hari Kishan also forgave him and hugged him happily.

Then both went to home smiling, where wife of Hari Kishan served delicious food for both of them. After a full meal, Sunderlal departed to the village. Stinginess of Sunderlal left forever since that day.

Moral: Everyone should always be self-sufficient and should not take too much of the good of others.

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