Two brothers lived in a village named Samastipur. The elder brother was Suraj, and the younger one was Gaurav.

The elder brother was presented with a magical pot by an ascetic monk. The vessel was capable of fulfilling all the desires of the human being.

Whatever wish Suraj told, the pot would fulfill his wish immediately.
Therefore, it fulfilled all the wishes of the elder brother.

Younger brother Gaurav was jealous of luck and the happy life of his elder brother. Due to which he stole that pot during the night and escaped by the sea in a boat to go to another country.

Gaurav, being in a hurry, had not yet asked for anything from that pot. But, eventually, he felt an intense hunger at midnight.

Therefore, he expressed his desire by taking the name of each favorite dish from the pot.

The vessel hastily presented all the delicious dishes and variety of dishes told by him in front of Gaurav.

After starting the meal, he found little salt in vegetables less. Due to which he asked for salt from the pot, now the salt started coming out of the pot.

Once anything started coming out of the pot, Gaurav didn’t know the mantra to stop it.

Due to which the boat of Gaurav sank shortly after filling it with salt. It is said that even today, salt is coming out of the same miraculous vessel, due to which we find the water of the sea salty.

Moral: Learn to be happy in whatever you have in the current situation.

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