Raja Harishchandra

Today, the story that I am going to tell you is from Indian Mythology. It belong to era before hundreds of years before the birth of lord Rama. That was the time when Harishchandra was the king of Ayodhya.

At that time, he was recognized as most justiceful (fair) and veracious king throughout the world. Narad Muni was always on excursion and used to take the name of Hari (Krishna: the supreme personality of Godhead).

At the end Naradji also fully impressed after seeing the Raja Harishchandra. After completion of guest hospitality Narad Muni went towards Swarglok. When he arrived to heaven the durbar of heaven king Indra was began.

In court Gods, Demigods, Sages were present. From the earth, brave kings, artists, great scholars were also present to the durbar of heaven.

Narad Muni entered in the court while chanting the name of Hari (Synonym to Lord Vishnu/Krishna: Supreme Godhead) and playing the Vina with his hand.

Indra Durbar along with Sages, Hindu Gods, Warriors, Narad Muni (name of sage holding Veena), and Indra the King of All Gods

“Narayan, Narayan!”

After watching the jubilant face of Narad Muni and hearing the sweet musical note each courtier gets enthralled.

In the heart of every courtier, there was so much respect about Devarshi (Shaman) Narad Muni. So everybody bowed in infront of Naradji.

King of God himself Indra also stood up from his throne and bowed to Naradji.

Then, Durbar began, Devadhiraj (King of God) Indra asked Narad Muni, “Devarshi (Shaman) please tell us how did you come? Everything is fine, isn’t it? If you have some special talks from Bhulok (Earth), then tell me.”

Narad Muni said, “By the will of the Lord, All is well.” But there is one special thing which is really worth mentioning.”

Indra asked, “What special thing is there in the earth which is not here even in heaven?”

Narad Muni said, “Devadhiraj, There is a city named Ayodhya in Bhuloka. Till today I have never seen a city like Ayodhya anywhere else. At present time, King Harishchandra is ruling there.“

Devadhiraj, I must have traveled many times in all three worlds. But, I have never seen a truthful, dutiful king like Raja Harishchandra.”

Indra asked, “Devarshi, is such a king not there in all three worlds?”

Narada Muni said, “No, not Devadhiraj! I have never seen a king like him anywhere. Along with him, his son Rohidas and his wife Taramati are equally virtuous.

Naradji further said, “I travel with him in many cities every day. But I have never seen anywhere else even a fascinating city like the city of Ayodhya.

King Harishchandra was a disciple of Vasistha Rishi (One of the great sages in Indian Mythology). Vasistha Rishi was also included in many sages sitting in the court. Vasistha Rishi became very happy after hearing the praise of King Harishchandra from Devarshi Narad Muni.

Then Vasistha could not stop himself and said, “You are telling the truth, Devarshi! He is a true sattva king.”

Rishi Vishwamitra was also included in the other sages who were present. He was the great, but angry sage in Indian Mythology. His anger was always on his nose.

After hearing the praise of Harishchandra, Vishwamitra got very angry, the disciple of Rishi Vashistha. From immemorial time, sage Vishwamitra has had jealousy with sage Vasistha.

“Anyone will praise to his own disciple. On the other hand, there is Narad Muni who is being praised on the praise of Harishchandra. On the other hand, there is Narad Muni who is being praised on the praise of Harishchandra. But still, I do not agree with both of you. So why should I take the test of his Satva and see?”

Hearing this, the sage Vasistha said, “Vishwamitra, whatever test you take, but I have full faith in my disciple. Whatever happens, but Harishchandra will never deviate from his duty. Why do you want to prove yourself wrong by taking the test?

Upon seeing the confidence of Sage Vasistha in his disciple, the anger of Vishwamitra skyrocketed.

Now, Vishwamitra could not stop himself and said, “If this is all you are saying, then I will take his Satta Pariksha.

If I am proved wrong, then I will donate my thousand years of spiritual practice. The Sadhana that I did for the creation of the new world.

On the contrary, if I am successful in Sattva Haran of Harishchandra, then in return for sending me back without hospitality, Harishchandra will become a partner of grave sin, and this is my promise.”

Hearing the promise of Vishwamitra, all the courtiers were astonished. Anyway, everyone was familiar with the promise and valor of Vishwamitra.

Therefore, now everyone started to think that now the Sattva Haran of King Harishchandra will happen.

With this pledge, Devadhiraj ordered to fired the meeting going on in the court. All the courtiers started worrying about King Harishchandra.

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