There was a huge mountain near a village. One day the giant mountain saw creatures, birds, and dense forests. He then compared himself with them.

Then the mountain became very proud of its huge and vast size. He told everyone that there is no one bigger and more powerful than me.

Hence, in this world, I am the God of all. All the animals got very angry seeing his arrogance.

One of those creatures also included a horse. The horse could not stop after listening to him, and he was determined to break his pride.

The horse said to the mountain, “O mountain sir, it is not right to be so proud of your appearance and strength.” If I want, I can cross you in a few minutes.

The mountain said, “Okay, cross me and show me, then I believe.”
The horse accepted his condition and decided to fulfill it.

But the mountain was huge, and its cliffs stood almost straight, making it difficult for the horse to climb it.

Eventually, the horse stumbled and fell down.

The mountain laughed out loudly as the horse lost the bet. All the animals saw it all.

Consequently, others including giraffes, camels, elephants along with many other animals tried. But none of them could cross the mountain.

Now all the animals had tried, but only one animal was left, and that was the mouse. All the animals inspired him to challenge him too.

The mouse did not believe in his ability, yet after everyone’s advice, the mouse also challenged the mountain.

Now the laughter of the mountain was not taking its name to stop. The mountain felt that the biggest animal could not defeat me, then what is worth of this rat?

The mountain made fun of the mouse a lot.

The mouse looked at the mountain, smiling calmly, and began to pierce from the front. Other rats also assisted in this task.

Now the sweat of the mountain begins. Rats bite at some places in front and made the mountain hollow from inside.

Now the pride of the mountain mixed with dust. Eventually, the mountain apologized to all the creatures.

Thus a small mouse broke the pride of the huge mountain.

Moral: If even a weak person is determined, he can defeat even the biggest enemy.

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