Panchatantra Stories In English With Moral

Strength of unity:

The story that I am going to tell you today, children, the title of the story is “Strength of Unity”. After listening to which you will also be able to understand the force of unity.

The story begins with a dense forest where a pigeon and a rat lived. Despite both living in completely opposite places, everyone was surprised to see, how did their friendship end?

One day the crow went to both of them and said, “You two make me your friend, I will be ready for your support all the time.”

On hearing this, the rat said, “Everyone knows the rivalry of the crow rat.” So why should we trust you? ”

Hearing this, the crow started pleading in front of both of them and said, “If both of you don’t make me your friend, then I will give up my life without eating anything.”

After crow repeatedly persuading the two, the pigeon finally said, “Ok, let’s believe you and consider you as your friend.” Thus the crow became a friend of the pigeon and the rat.

Time passed just like this, so far he guessed that the crow is a very good friend. The crow was always ready to help both of them and loved them both a lot. The crow, the pigeon and the rat together enjoyed a lot. All three also supported each other in happiness and sorrow.

After a few years, there was a very bad famine in a year due to which all the natural water sources started drying up. Grass and green trees also started drying up due to famine. Due to which all the animals started finding it difficult to raise food.

Then in this difficult situation, the crow said to his friends, “Friends, I do not feel right to stay here now, we should leave that forest and move to another forest.” I am also familiar with a nearby forest, where a friend of mine also lives. Moreover, there will not be any problem of food and drink. Because there is a lot to eat and drink. Anyway, my friend can also be helpful in helping us there. ”

After thinking for some time, the pigeon and the rat obeyed the crow. All three left the forest and left the forest.

The crow quickly caught the rat in his beak and started flying with the pigeon. After a few days’ journey, the three of them entered the nearby forest. The trio now flew more cautiously as the forest became new to them.

He was very happy to see the forest there because the forest there was really green and there was no shortage of food and drink. Now the crow and the pigeon reached a pond. On the banks of the pond, the crows took down the mouse and started calling out loud to their friend. After a while, a tortoise came out of the pond and he said to the crow, “My friends are meeting after how many days. Say how are you How else did you come? Is everyone efficient?

Then the crows heard the tortoises of the three of them. Since then, all the friends started laughing – living happily on the banks of that pond. Such days were spent and one day the three friends were maiming on the banks of the pond. Then suddenly, a deer rushed to him while running. The reindeer seemed very tired and frightened and he gasped as he breathed.

Then the crow asked the reindeer, “O deer brother, you said so haggling?” And who are you so afraid of? ”

You know that a big crisis is going to come. Because, “The king has camped at some distant river bank. His soldiers are very ruthless, they will probably come here to hunt tomorrow. Those soldiers do not leave any creature. Therefore, if you want to save your life, then it is sensible to run away from here. If those people come here to hunt tomorrow, then you too, get out of here as soon as possible. ”

The four friends were upset after hearing this about the buck. All four also decided to leave the place of the deer and go away.

They all started together to go to another place. But as the tortoise was large, its speed was very slow. Due to this, they all started moving along with tortoises. After some time she

Because they will go out for hunting tomorrow morning, we have very little time. Hearing this, everyone got upset and the four friends decided to go away with the deer.

But due to the arrival of the tortoise and its speed being slow, all the animals started moving slowly with it. After some time, a hunter was coming from the front, whose eyes fell on that tortoise.

The hunter swiftly came to him. Then the buck ran away, the pigeon and the crow climbed the tree, the rat went into the burrow. But Kachuva was unable to do anything. Therefore, he was caught by the hunter.

The hunter put it in his bag and left. Now all the animals got worried, and started thinking how to get out of this calamity to their friend tortoise. Together everyone tried to save the life of the tortoise.

The hunter reached the bank of the river where he held the bag holding the tortoise. And went to the river to wash hands and feet. According to everyone’s plan, the deer started pretending to die lying on the ground at some distance from the hunter. At the same time a crow came over the deer which started bending the reindeer.

The hunter saw the crow beating the deer, the deer just seems dead. That is, his meat should be fresh.

Thinking this, he started approaching him to pick up the hunted deer. Then the mouse came out of the bill and cut the bag that held the tortoise. Then, immediately after leaving, he jumped into the Kachuva river and disappeared into the depths of the river.

Immediately after cutting the trap the rat again went to its bill. The crow flew away as soon as he got near the second and deer. The deer also got up quickly and ran away from there and disappeared into the depths of the forest.

Thus, all the animals together risked their lives and cleverly saved the life of their fellow tortoises. The next day all the animals set out to travel ahead of them again.

Moral: The greatest difficulty can also be overcome with the strength of unity. Therefore, everyone should stick to unity, forgetting the shortcomings of others.

Bhola Sakharam:

Hundreds of years ago, there was a small village called Rasouli. At that time farming was not known to humans. Due to lack of farming, people used to graze cattle, sheep and goat in the village. The people who used to extract milk, curd, kande and cow dung from them, they would go through it. People also used to exchange coins with them whenever they needed it.

A man named Sakharam also lived in the same village. Sakharam had a lot of goats that he used to graze every day in the forest. She used to goat all day and return to Sakharam in the evening. Goats used to eat grass and green leaves throughout the day, and used to jump back and forth with fun.

There was more grass in the forest than trees, so the sun was directly on the forehead. One day, the goat grazing, Sakharam went deep into the forest.

Then it was the month of the eldest, and the rays of the sun felt like fire. The ground was making all the creatures feel the heat by heating. The thunderstorms seen in summer days were also blowing in the sky with a gust of wind carrying the dust of the ground.

Sakharam was moving forward on such coal-fired coals. Sakharam was walking in hard sun for a long time. Now he was feeling thirsty, but there was no source of water around him. Sakharam now fell under the tree, and yearning for water. All the goats were grazing near the grass.

Then an amazing Lord Shiva came there and he saw Sakharam who was thirsty. Then Lord Shiva disguised as an ascetic and came to him with a kamandal filled with water in one hand. Then Sakharam was almost counting the last breath. Lord Shiva took pity on Sakharam, he gave Sakharam a new life by giving him water. They then gave him fruits to eat. Sakharam ate half the fruit and put half in his bag. Due to which Sakharam could speak something, he came to this position.

The ascetic asked what is it that you are doing in this deserted forest in such a sun. Then Sakharam said that I come to this forest to feed goats in this forest. But today I had accidentally gone too much, due to which it was too late till the time I came out, and I was thirsty due to which I had to stay in the middle.

It was late in the evening, so after taking leave from that ascetic, he returned home with the goat. After returning home, he gave the remaining fruit to his wife Manjila. Which storey laid on the floor in the kitchen.

After sleeping in the night, they fell asleep, the next morning, he woke up with a chicken bang. After washing his hands, Sukhram went to the kitchen and saw the fruit kept in the pot.

At night, both of them slept after having dinner together. Like every day, in the morning, Sakharam started his routine with the chicken. He took a bath and went to the kitchen, then Sakharam felt as if his senses flew away. The fruit given by the monk to Sakharam yesterday, which he had placed on the roof, had now become of gold.

Now that fruit quietly went to the forest on the pretext of hiding the fruit in the cloth and grazing the goats without telling anyone. Today, Sakharam was very happy in his mind, that day he kept thinking what he would do to him. After coming back in the evening, after eating the food the wife had prepared, he went to sleep. But the surprising thing was that he could not sleep all night.

On the very next day, he woke up early in the morning and told the wife that he was going in connection with some work and he left for the city. And on the go, he told the wife, “If you can, today you go to goats for grazing”. In the morning, after dealing with all the household work in the morning, the goats started to graze the forest.

Here Sakharam, who was very happy to get the gold, went to Sonar before reaching the city. Sakharam gave the fruit to that sonar. Seeing that miraculous fruit, Sonar got greed in his mind too. Sonar said, brother, seeing this weighing, I can tell what will be its weight. But Sakharam did not listen and kept on giving his money only by weight.

So finally Sonar took out the scales and started weighing the gold fruit. By weighing the money, Sonar handed Sakharam his hand. As if Sakharam got mad at seeing such a big pack of notes.

Sakharam left the place without asking for a price. While going, Sonar said to Sakharam that if needed, I will give you very good feeling to come here again. Sonar was very happy to buy gold from Sakharam for a lot of work.

Sakharam returned to his village by evening, by which time his wife had returned from the forest. Sakharam made his wife Manjila sit together and told her the whole story. Sakharam placed the money bag in the hand of Manjila in exchange for the fruit of gold. Seeing so much money, Manjila’s senses flew away.

With that money, Sakharam and Manjila bought new clothes, utensils, new items in the house, expensive ornaments. Both of them also built a beautiful house, they also bought many goats. Sakharam was no longer impoverished, now he had become Dhan van Sakharam. Due to lot of money, he started talking about it in the entire village. Everyone was amazed to see how these people became so much money in such a short time.

Sakharam and his wife were very innocent people, they asked the people to tell the whole truth to the villagers. When people had no faith, they showed that fruit to the people. A few days later, some people suddenly came to their house, they asked Sakharam, what we have heard about you being rich, is that really true?

We also want to see that gold fruit. Sakharam, because of his naivety, told the whole thing showing the fruit. Those people went back after seeing the fruit. That night, the same gold fruit was stolen from Sakharam’s house, but Sakharam’s sleep was opened due to the thieves’ whispers.

Sakharam had seen the faces of those thieves. And recognized that this is the same person who was asking about the fruit in the morning. The matter of theft of Sakharam’s house spread like fire in the entire village.

Sakharam could not sleep that night due to theft. She reached the panchayat early in the morning and told the panch about the theft. All four persons attended the panchayat after the punch was called. The Panchas questioned whether all four of you stole the gold fruit of Sakharam.

All four people were not accepting the fact of stealing. So Punch threatens them a bit, due to which all four confess to stealing. One of the four brought the fruit back to where it had hidden the fruit.

Panch opened the bag and found that it contains raw fruit. The thieves were expelled from the village due to theft. But now Sakharam and the storied fruit was not of gold because of this, disappointed.

Moral: If a person is more innocent than necessary, the world will leave no stone unturned to take advantage of such a person. Therefore, it is not necessary to tell the truth with a person whose intention is not right.

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Cleverness of Merchant:

Today I am going to tell you an inspiring story. Entitled Sethji’s cleverness.

There was a big city named Manpur. The city where a big businessman named Shankar Seth lived. There was a queue of customers in his big shop. As the work load increased, Shankar Seth thought of hiring servants. So he hired two servants to work in the shop.

The servants would come to the shop every morning for work and would return at night. Shankarseth used to give equal pay to both the servants. After a few days, Shankarseth felt that some goods and things were disappearing rapidly from the shop. So money was not increasing in the flock compared to other things which had disappeared.

Shankar Seth was now worried, after coming home at night, he told the whole thing to his wife. Then Shankar Seth came to know that the wife was also feeling the same for the last few days. Because things at home were also decreasing rapidly. So they decided to get to the root of this problem.

Sethani along with Seth also went to every servant’s house for him. After scrutinizing both of them, they came to know that some of the belongings of their shop are at a servant’s house. After coming home, Sethani advised him to be the servant.

But seeing Shankar Seth in his family, the question came to mind, “If I get that servant out of work, what will happen to his family?” Anyway, when fired from work, that servant will steal wherever he goes. Therefore, due to his good nature, Shankar Seth decided to bring the servant out of work, to get him on the right path.

Now Shankar Seth decided to increase the wages of both servants from the second day. For the families of both the servants, Seth Ji took Padratne with new clothes.

Sethani was very angry at Seth ji for spending so much. Sethani said, “You said that you will bring that thief on the right path.” Here you are filling the house of that thief, you do not know how to behave, I do not know how you became such a big businessman. ”

Seth ji said, “Look what I did for those servants as well as for my own good.” Because any person would start stealing by working. When he does not get the right income. Anyway, if their house is tight then they will not be able to work properly in the shop. ”
Seth ji had full faith in what he did.

A few days after that, they came to know that the disappearance of the goods from the shop has completely stopped. Both the servants Seth ji started working happily and diligently due to increase in income. Seth ji’s income increased automatically due to his good work.

If at that time, Shankar Seth would have fired the servant looking selfish, then that servant would never have improved. Seth ji’s vision and adult behavior made everyone’s life happy.

Moral: If his crime is not too big for a criminal, it can also be explained with love.

Pursuit of happiness:

Long ago, there was a very big city in India called Thampi. Raja Maharaj Rajendra Nath of that kingdom was endowed with every comfort. Hundreds of minors worked day and night in his palace. His kingdom was naturally protected from all sides. Maharaja Rajendra Nath had all the things of the Bhogavilas. On the other hand, because the state was geographically secure, it was not even a concern about the security of the state. Maharaj Rajendra Nath always remained unhappy and depressed despite being full of comforts and worry-free.

To keep himself happy one day Maharaj went for a walk outside the kingdom. While visiting the distant Himalayan peaks, he saw an ascetic monk. Maharaja Rajendra Nath bowed down to that ascetic. Maharaja said to the ascetic, “I am ruling the kingdom in Swami. I have every facility there. The state is also completely protected from enemies. I do not have any kind of tension. Despite this, I am always disappointed and sad. So, tell me some remedies after which I can live a happy and prosperous life. ”

The ascetic, after hearing the king’s words, said, “Watts! There is a very simple solution to your problem. Go and wear a happy person’s footprint for a day. By doing this, you will be able to live a happy life by removing all your sorrows. ”

After explaining this solution, Maharaj leaves from there. When he returned to his kingdom, he asked his servants, army and spies to find a happy person and bring him to the palace. The king exerted all his power. Two years passed in the search operation but Maharaj Rajendra Nath could not find any person who was happy in the whole world.

The king’s soldiers visited every house in every village and town. But everyone would tell the story of their sorrow.

Then his soldiers, servants, spies came to know that everyone was obsessed with some or the other problem. Some were saddened by the labors of poverty, by hunger, by being wealthy rich, by being unprotected, by the behavior of his wife, by others by his son’s behavior.

Then Maharaj Rajendra Nath goes back to meet the monk in the Himalayas. On meeting the ascetic, Maharaj said, “Swami, I discovered a happy man in almost every state by my soldiers, messengers, and spies. But I did not find such a happy person anywhere. You are a transcendent, now you can tell that you will find such a person. And help me achieve happiness. ”

Then the ascetic said, “Watts! This is life. If there is life, there is also sorrow. Therefore, there is not a single person on this earth who is completely happy. Keeping this in mind, every human being should lead a simple life. By living a normal life, human needs are reduced, which reduces a lot of suffering on its own. ”

The ascetic continued, “Look Watts! You are a king Therefore, it is not possible for you to lead a completely normal life. However, look at your needs as much as possible. Look at your subjects from time to time and try to make them happy. Then your sufferings will automatically subside. That way, you will be able to live the happy life you are wishing for. ”

Considering the matter of the monk, Maharaj Rajendra Nath reduces his needs as soon as he returns to the palace. Now the king would take as much food as was necessary, keep as many servants in the palace as he needed, and sent the rest to work in the interest of the subjects. From now on, Maharaja started wandering in his kingdom every night to see the condition of the subjects. People get more time to settle matters in the court so that the people get justice.
Now Maharaja Rajendra Nath came to know that a person earns a lot of money by not living in palaces endowed with facilities, but by reducing the miseries of the people, he gets them by getting facilities.

Moral: Any person can earn happiness by sharing the grief of others and making the grieving people happy.

Responsible person:

It is an old time when many small states were formed in India. One such state named Sharad Kumar used to rule in Suraj Nagar state. He used to do new experiments in his kingdom to run his kingdom smoothly.

One day he conducted an experiment to see if the people of his kingdom were responsible. Raja Sharad Kumar disguised himself and went on a road in the state. He placed a large stone in the middle of the road and placed a bag filled with ten seals under it, with a letter which read, “These ten seals as a reward to the responsible person of the kingdom!”

Now King Sharad Kumar hid in the bush near the road to see which dutiful person carried out that stone and fulfilled his responsibility. In a short while a milkman came by his own way. He did not see that big stone and stumbled and fell while walking. All the milk wasted on the way. He got very angry on that stone and he went ahead, abusing the stone. The milkman failed the test of the king.

After a while the sound of the horses’ hats started coming. Around four people were sitting in the legs. The leg driver could not see the stone. Because of which one wheel of the car hit the stone. All the passengers survived by falling down due to the banging of the legs.

Tanga driver said, “I don’t know who would have put such a big stone in the way”

But he too did not think it right to lift the stone considering it a social duty.

After some time, a woman was carrying a water pot on her head. She was completely focused on the mats, so she did not look down and she too fell down.

Then she shouted, “O mother! Don’t know how such a big stone came in the middle! ”

Her pitcher was also broken, so the woman also moved forward unhappily due to removing the stone from there.

After some time a laborer came there with a bag in his hand. He came very tired, so he could not see that big stone in a hurry to go home. His foot also hit the stone hard and he also fell down hard. Being tired from long ago, he did not even think about removing the stone.

King Sharad Kumar saw for two days that many people are falling loudly due to that stone. King Sharad Kumar felt that someone would lift the stone. But not a single person thought of removing the stone from there.

Inspected for two days but the person who removed the stone from responsibility. And he did not find any such person thinking about other people.

Now the king returned to Raj Mahal with a sad heart. Now Raja Sharad Kumar came to know that if there is to be a constitution of duty-bound people in the state, then there should be a proper justice system, penal legislation. That king paid more attention to those things, due to which people gradually started feeling responsibility towards the state.

Moral: We all should be dutiful towards our country.

God of Forest:

It is a long time ago, that there was a kingdom named Champi, where Maharaj Guptasen was a very angry king. His court had very few scholars and chieftains. One day Maharaj goes to the armory room of the state to monitor the scriptures to check the security of his kingdom. While monitoring, he accidentally injured his right hand thumb.

All the courtiers came to meet Maharaj one after the other due to the thumb injury. There was a chief among those courtiers who were very intelligent people.

He met Maharaj and said, “Maharaj, don’t worry at all, because whatever happens is for good.”

Maharaj expected sympathy from an important person in his court. Maharaj got very angry on hearing such an insensitive answer. Maharaj immediately summoned the soldiers and ordered to arrest the pradhan. Pradhan tried to convince Maharaj Gupta, but Maharaj did not agree. Then Maharaj appointed the new head on the second day. After the court, Maharaj wished to go on a hunt.

On going into the forest, he saw a rabbit. Maharaj targeted but the rabbit escaped by leaping. While chasing the rabbit, King Guptasena forgot how much he came inside.

Some tribal people lived in the same forest. Who used to cheat the person trapped in their web. The tribals had such reverence that by offering a sacrifice every year, they get good yield from the forests.

Maharaj Guptasen got trapped in the net laid by those tribals. Now the tribes were taken captive by the tribals to the cave of their primeval forest deity. Where the Maharaj was to be sacrificed now.

Before offering sacrifice, he believed that the person brought to sacrifice should not have any kind of evil. Jungle god does not accept such a person. On doing this, the forest deity becomes enraged.

There were huts in the corner inside the cave where the arrival of women and tribals was forbidden. Before offering sacrifice, a tribal went to the hut and inspected the Maharaj. On seeing his hand, the tribal realized that this man had a deep wound on his hand. That is, this person is not fit to sacrifice. Therefore, the tribals blindfolded Maharaj and left him from where he was brought.

Maharaj returns to his Raj Mahal a few days after finding a way from there. On his return, Maharaja freed the former head from punishment.

On coming to the Principal Keraj court, Maharaj Guptasen narrated the whole story to all the courtiers. Then Maharaj made him return back with Sanmaan.

Finally, the King laughed with great joy and said, “Whatever happens, is for good.”

Moral: Happiness and sorrow are both part of life. Therefore, do not be discouraged by the coming of sorrow. Have faith in God, because sometimes these events save us from the great crisis that comes upon us.

Bad habit:

About three and a half hundred years ago there was a saint in India. Who used to travel from village to village to spread their ideas to all the people. Those saints lived a very simple life. His speech had the ability to change the pace of his thoughts to every person. He had knowledge of worldly things along with spiritual life. Wherever he used to impress the people there with his virtuous thoughts. Many people from his Sikhs had left the bad work and started on the path of goodness.

One day those saints were doing spiritual practice in a village temple. Then a bandit came to rob the temple. Then, along with the priests in the temple, all the people who were there fled. But that saint was still absorbed in spiritual practice.

The robber went to the saint and smiled and asked, “Maybe you don’t love your life.”

Then the saint opened his eyes and said, “Do you have to know at some time or the other?” The life of someone cannot be changed, but the robbery you go through can be changed. ”

The saint heard more and made that robber his follower. The robber left the robbery and promised the saint to follow the path of good. On hearing the virtues, the robber went back to his house which was in the forest.

The next day that robbery started robbing again. One day the saint who had preached to him had come to the village where he lived.

The robber went to that saint again, then the saint asked, “What happened?” Do you start robbing again? ”

The robber said, “Swami, your thoughts are still on my mind and I have tried to conduct as you said, but robbing has become my nature.”

The saint said, “Do you have to give up the loot altogether?”

The robber said, “Yes master!”

Then the saint said, “If you want to leave the looters, then you are completely free to rob from tomorrow, but whatever misdeeds you do during the day, you will come to the temple at night and tell me.”

The robber said, “Yes, yes master! Your solution is very good. I will definitely tell you. ”

Then the robber left the saint with his blessings.

After this the days were spent, but that bandit did not come to the temple again. Then a disciple of that saint asked him, “Guruji you told that the robber had promised to tell him what he did in the day and night. But he broke the promise given to you. ”

Then the saint said, “No Watts! The robber did not break the promise, but he fulfilled the promise to walk the path of goodness. ”

The disciple asked, “But how is that Swami?”

The saint said, “Any person can commit a crime in secret, but if he has to confess that crime, that person will never commit a crime.”

The disciple did not believe in the things of the saint then, but as his master, he did not say anything. In a few days, he got the news of that robbery that he has now stopped robbery. Now the same robber broke his wood and passed by.

Moral: By sharing your mistakes with someone close to you, you can avoid making such mistakes in future.
Fickle mind:

In this story, a man who makes a sacrifice on the mind by the greed to eat dates by a Mahatma can achieve good success in life. If there is no doubt on the mind, then the life of a man may have to live a life of slavery by curbing it. With this story, let us understand how a Mahatma saves his mind from the impending disaster.

A large Mahatma was passing through the market. Then he saw a date palm shop in front of him, which Mahatma ji loved as a child. Then the idea came in the mind of the Mahatma, date should be taken. Then Mahatma understood the mind very much and proceeded from it. Six eating dates did not let him sleep the whole night.

Due to helplessness the next day, Mahatma left the forest. For the purpose of collecting money to buy dates, the Mahatma raised as many wooden bundles as possible. The Mahatma explained his mind and said, if you have to eat dates, then you have to bear this burden. The Mahatma, after carrying a heavy burden, would fall away. Due to the heavy burden, his walk was difficult. But he would still rise and fall again and again. He did not have the strength to lift a small bundle, but this time he had raised two or two heavy bundles.

After walking three or four miles, the Mahatma reached the city. He started selling all the wood and buying the dates with the money he got from the forest. Mahatma was very happy to see the date. He bought dates but, in his heart, said that today you have asked for dates, tomorrow you will ask for something else. Tomorrow will be the royal clothing and the desire of the woman. Then there will be children as well. After that I will become your slave completely. A passenger was coming from the front. Then the Mahatma stopped him and gave all the purchased dates to the traveler. In this way the Mahatma, understanding his own mind, stopped his mind from being enslaved.

Moral: If you do not listen to the mind, then you will be able to control the mind and you will get success in life. If you obey the mind, then you will become a slave of the mind and nothing will come in your hand except destruction.

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