6 Moral Stories in English- Unique & Inspiring

Moral stories in English for kids:

Hi guys! Today I am sharing with you a list of moral stories in English for Kids that will definitely help you and encourage you to learn something new.

The true meaning of victory:

A boy named Sham lived in a small village. His father used to work hard to run home. Once, Sham’s father took him to the city with him. Because he got the job of cleaning the big playground. A race competition was to be arranged in that ground.

He was very happy that evening seeing the huge playground. From that day on the passion for the race was ridden in Sham’s mind. On completion of the cleaning work by Dad, he set out to return to the village.

While returning to the village, Sham insisted to Dad, that race competition should be organized in our village too. Then, after coming home, his father went to the village head to fulfill the wish of a son. In front of the village head, he put his opinion on the running competition.

Father told the village headman that is you will arrange this competition then the children of the village will get a chance to show their skills, and the fame of the village will also increase.

The village headman gave his consent. The preparations for this running competition have to start next week. Many children from nearby villages came to participate in this race competition.

Sham’s grandfather was watching all this peacefully. They wanted Sham to try his best to win the competition. Because this competition was very tough. But, the Sham had determined to win the race. All the children were ready, as soon as the referee whistle, the competing children started running towards the liquidated race line.
Stony roads, small pointy pebbles, intense sunlight overcoming these difficulties, the Sham finally won the race. The whole field buzzed with the sound of the clapping.
After that, the Sham started participating in one competition after another. Sham wins in that every competition. The process of victory was started in the Sham’s life. But the mind of Sham’s grandfather was sad to see all this.

Then, one-day Grandpa himself organized a special race competition for the Sham. Seeing the race organized, the Sham came to the ground with a joyful heart. At that time Grandpa told the Sham, “Sham, there are different ways to win each race, think it off and then run.” Should could not be understood his Grandpa’s words.

This time also, so many people from nearby villages came to see the competition. Sham noticed that apart from this race competition there are only two competitors. The referee played the whistle, immediately the Sham ran towards the race line with full force. While he was about to reach the last stop, he noticed that the remaining participants have not even started running.

Sham noticed that one is competitive blind, and the other is lame! The whole ground now prevails in peace. Sham went back from the last stop and grabbed the hands of those contestants and drove them slowly to the race line. The three competitors crossed the race line together. Seeing this scene, the entire ground resonated with the audience’s applause.

Then, Sham’s grandfather said, “Oh! Son, today I am absolutely sure that you are the real winner!”

Moral: It’s not necessary to win every race of life. But the person who gets ahead with taking all people together, that person takes a place in everyone’s heart.

Hard working Rahul:

Rahul worked in an office for two years. Some people in that office were jealous of Rahul’s good work. One day at noon, Rahul was eating food. Then the voices of the people were heard from the nearby table. Because of the wooden wall, they could hear their voices without understanding them. Rahul heard that his fellow employees are talking about the promotion.

One of them said, “This time he is not going to get promotion.”

Another asked, “Why?”

The first person replied, “The boss has said that next month Rahul will be fired as an excuse.”
After listening to that office employee, Rahul got a little scared. Now Rahul quickly finished his box and started working again.

Incidentally, the next month, Bose called Rahul in the cabin and said, “Rahul, what is the speed of your work nowadays? Is there anything special? “

Now Rahul started to think that the thing heard that day is probably going to come true now. Rahul said, Sir, I know that, you want to remove me from the company. The boss was surprised to hear Rahul. The boss asked Rahul, “Who told you that Rahul, I want to expel you from the company.”

Then Rahul told the whole thing to the boss. When telling the story, the smiling boss said, “I tell you a story in Rahul.”

Stupid bull and vicious rabbit:

There lived an ox in the forest who was a good friend of the lion. Every day the lion ate an animal of the forest to eradicate its earthquake. But due to being good friends, the lion did not think of eating the bull.

A vicious rabbit lived in the same forest. Which was very jealous of the lion and bull friendship. One day, after eating the feed, the bull came down to the tree to rest. Then that rabbit from behind the bushes started talking in a loud voice with his friend the fox.

The bull began to listen with a loud ear. Rabbit said, you know why the bull is still a virgin?
The fox said, “No, why?”

Then the rabbit said, “Because whatever cow comes into the forest, the lion eats it.”

The bull felt very sad about this. Due to this, there was a rift in the friendship between the bull and the lion. One day the lion came out on the hunt and said, “I will not let you hunt from today.” Despite understanding a lot, the bull did not understand. At last, the poor ox himself became a lion hunt.

Boss smilingly said that look Rahul vicious rabbits and foxes will meet you everywhere. They will leave no stone unturned to spoil your work with your relationships. Now you have to decide how much impact their words have on their work.

Moral: One should not blindly trust everything said. It is mandatory to confirm that before trusting.

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Dutiful Savalya Tande:

Now, whose story I will tell, he was a soldier of the army of respected and beloved Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj of India. Whose name was Savalya Tande, who was admitted to the army only a few days ago. If you have read the biography of King Shivchatrapati, then you must have known his awe-inspiring history.

But today I will tell you a different story from the biography of Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje. With this, you will get an idea of how dutiful every soldier of Shivaji Maharaj’s army was towards him.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje had many forts. On each of those forts, he made very strict rules. There was a rule in those rules, that before the sun rises and after the sun sets, no one should be allowed to go in or out.

Chhatrapati Shivarai asked each of his kildedars to follow this rule with strictness. A soldier named Savalya was posted in one of his forts.

One day after the sunset, the Killedar entrusted the responsibility of guarding the entrance of the fort. Savalya had a habit of doing his work very closely. He started guarding the entrance. Seeing, there was darkness all around the fort. After some time, the sound of the horses’ heads started to be heard. The horse rider came there in a while.

Savalya stopped him and asked, “Sir, you cannot be allowed inside.”

The Sardar said, “But, I am a Sardar. What kind of trouble leaving me inside? “

Then Savalya said, “No sir, no matter who the person is, the rule is one for all. Anyway, nobody should be allowed inside after sunset, this is Maharaj’s strong rule. “

Sardar kept celebrating Savalya for a long time but was not ready to accept Savalya by doing anything. This debate continued for some time.

Finally Sardar got angry and said, “Oh eh chore, you look new here. You don’t know me If I complained to you Maharaj, you will lose your job. And by the way, if you let me in, who would know that you let me in? That is why it would be good that you let me in, your silent as well as mine. ”

Then Savalya said, “Even if you say anything, I cannot break Maharaj’s order by letting you in.”
Now the Sardar became enraged, “Oh fool, Maharaj, you will later get you out of your job. But if I want to before that, then at the moment, I will cut off your head. “

Savalya, boldly, but calmly replied, “Sir, if you want to fight with me then this is right.” I am ready to fight. But, my jeetji, I will not let you enter the fort. “

Now the Sardar got off his horse and took out his sword. Savalya also took out the sword from the sheath. As Sardar approached Savalya for the attack, he changed his sentiment. And said to Savalya, “Hey Pagle, I don’t know?” I am Shivaji Maharaj. “

Hearing this thing of the Sardar, Savalya was a little shocked. And said, “Sir, sorry but this rule has been set for everyone.” Therefore, even if you are Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, you cannot let me in. “

Hearing Savalya’s talk, Sardar left the house sitting on the horse smiling. After spending the whole night in the nearby village, came back to the entrance at sunrise.

After sunrise, Savalya gave entry to that chieftain. He was none other than Sardar’s buffalo, but really Chhatrapati Shivarai.

After the court started, Shivaji Raje ordered to call the guard who guarded him at the entrance last night.
During this time, the story spread last night among the subjects. Discussion of the same thing was heard on everyone’s face.

Everyone was surprised that Savalya himself stopped Shivji Raje at the entrance and did not allow him to enter. People were angry at Savalya, people used to think, “Her courage. Maharaj, what punishment will you know now? “

At that time Savalya reached the court. He bowed his head down in the court and stood up believing himself to be a criminal.
Shivarai said, “Now believe it or not I am Shivji Maharaj.”

Savalya remained silent during this period.

Then Maharaj said to Savalya, “According to you, who himself refused to allow Shivaji Maharaj inside.” What punishment should that person get? “

Then Savalya said in a slow voice, “Your Majesty, you are the rule of yours, not once the rule is made, it is applicable to all.” It is mandatory for everyone to follow that rule. No exception to that rule. I have followed the principles and rules made by you. ”

“Still, you are the chef yourself, that’s why, if you don’t like my behavior. So you can punish me whatever you want. “

Then Shivarai said, “No, Savalya you are a Kabil but not of punishment but of rewards.” You have set an example in front of everyone today that, even if it is Shivaji Maharaj himself, everyone should follow the rules.”
Speaking like this, he gave a gold ornament of his own hand to Savaliya.

Savaliya thus performed her duty. And Shivaji Maharaj also proved that by his behavior, he never breaks his own rules.

Moral: Under no circumstances should one leave duty. And it becomes everyone’s duty to follow the rules once made. Then even if those rules were made on their own.

Stingy Sunderlal:

A young man named Hari Kishan lived in Vilasnagar. He used to work in a small company and run a house. A friend named Sunderlal would come from his village all the time and go to Hari Kishan’s house. Sundarlal came to Hari Kishan’s house again during a festival. Seeing him, Hari Kishan’s heart got worried.

Seeing Hari Kishan in a worried mood, his wife asked, “What’s the matter?” You look upset? “

Hari Kishan said, “Nothing special, but my friend who has come home, is a very stingy man. Therefore, whenever he comes to our house, he gets all his expenses for me.”

Then Hari Kishan’s wife said, “You don’t worry at all, I will tell you the treatment.”

The next day, Hari Kishan took his friend along for a tour. This time Hari Kishan thought of teaching a lesson to his friend Sunderlal.

While wandering, both of them reached the market place of the city. Then Hari Kishan said to Sunderlal, whatever you should take, feel free to tell me that I will get you that.

Then Hari Kishan took him to the hotel, and every Kishan asked the hotel staff there, “Brother, how is the food of the hotel?”

That’s when the hotel owner comes there, and says, “Sir, hotel food is as delicious as sweets.”
Then Hari Kishan said to Sunderlal that if food is like sweets, then let’s take sweets only.

When both went to the sweets shop, again Hari Kishan asked the shopkeeper, “How are the sweets?”

Then the shopkeeper said, “Sir, sweets are as sweet as honey, taste it.”

Hari Kishan again said to his friend Sunderlal, “If sweets are like honey, we should take honey only.”

Now both of them went to the shopkeeper selling honey. Then Hari Kishan asked again, “Brother how is honey?”

Then the shopkeeper replied, “Our honey is pure and pure like water.”

Now Hari Kishan said to his friend, “Let me give you the purest food till date.”

Hari Kishan gave the pot full of water to Sunderlal. Now Sunderlal realized his mistake. Sunderlal understood that Hari Kishan is doing all this to teach him a lesson. Sunderlal apologized to his friend Hari Lal. On apologizing, Hari Kishan also forgave him and hugged him happily.

The two went home smiling, where Hari Kishan’s wife served delicious food for both of them. After a full meal, Sunderlal proposed to the village. Sunderlal’s stinginess left forever since that day.

Moral: Everyone should always be self-sufficient and should not take too much of the good of others.

Wins of goodness:

There was a village named Kasar surrounded by dense forests and mountains from all sides. There lived a girl named Meghna in the same village. Who was willing to go here with her friend Charulata. Because of being very poor, he had to yearn for every piece of bread. She was so poor that she had only one bread to go to her friend’s house.

That day, the cold weather was at its peak. In such adverse circumstances, she took a piece of bread in a bag and went out to visit the friend. After walking for some time, he saw an old person sitting on the way. The old man told Meghna that I have been hungry for the last three days, give me something to eat. Meghna gave one of the bread left with her to the old man. That old man blessed Meghna with all his heart.

Meghna then proceeded for some time and found a small child under the tree. The child was sitting there in very short clothes in the cold winter. Because of which that child was shivering from head to point. The child requested Meghna to give me something to wear. Meghna took pity on that child, then Meghna, without considering anything, covered that child with the shawl she had.

Meghna now moved forward, but now she started shivering due to cold. Now she could not understand anything due to cold, due to which she herself shrunk down under the tree.

When he sat down, his eyes went towards the sky. Then a star fell from the sky, that star fell directly near it. When he looked closely, he came to know that it is not a star but a gold coin. On seeing this, his clothes changed from beautiful clothes. She now had velvet shoes in her feet. There was a shawl over the clothes, there was a beautiful flower basket in front. The basket was filled with sweets and delicious fruits. Thus, God also rewarded and blessed his merciful nature.

Moral: God also helps only the kind, and the person who helps others.

Imaginary stories for students:

Biopic of giant mouse:

There was a little boy named Mhalsa. The one who lived on the snowy mountain spent most of his life on the hill. One day Mhalsa came to the lower ground.

At that time, the boy was wearing a warm coat made of large attractive furrows. The cold that was left while coming out of the icy hill ran away as soon as it came to the ground. Then she landed her coat and threw it on the ground below. After some time Mhalsa got completely drenched.

Now Mhalsa got very angry at Suraj. Anger came so much that he started thinking that the sun had no benefit. Mhalsa got angry and thought of punishing Suraj. For that he decides to go to the tantric. He asked the tantric to make a trap in which he could catch the sun. According to him, by making a trap, the tantric gave it to Mhalsa.

The next morning, Mhalsa went to the hill. At the beginning of that day, he caught the sun in his trap. Due to which the sunrise did not happen that day. No animals could go to collect food. On the other hand, all the animals saw that the sun is trapped in the net.

Then all the animals called the rats and persuaded them to cut the nets. At that time, rats were much more formidable and larger than today. Considering everything, the rat cut its entire sharp teeth. All the creatures became very happy on setting the sun free. But the rat got his punishment, because the size of the rat became very small due to the scorching heat of the sun. This is the reason why the mouse is still very small.

Moral: Sometimes we may have to sacrifice a lot to get something.

I hope you like the moral story in English on the race of life. Please share these stories with your friends to let them also take morals from inspiring stories.

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