In a big forest, there in cave a wolf named Sheru was living. He would go out every morning in search of food and come back by night after collecting food.

There was also a dangerous lion in the same forest. That lion one day while running after hunting, Sheru came near the cave of wolf.

Then the lion guessed that some animal must have lived in this cave. He thought that it is going to be evening too, so let’s see by staying in this cave.

Thinking this the lion went inside the cave.

In no time it was evening and Sheru the wolf arrived near that cave. Near the entrance of the cave, Sheru the wolf saw the footprints of an animal going inside.

Sheru noticed that, those marks were going in, but there were no signs of coming out.

So, Sheru employed one tactic to check if there is an animal inside.

Sheru cried out to the cave and said, “O miraculous cave, allow me to enter.”

After that, after being silent for a while, Sheru the wolf again said, “O my dear cave, with how lovingly you allow me to enter every day, but what is the matter today, you are not even talking to me.”

Then the lion hiding inside that cave really felt that, “This cave must be really talking to this wolf everyday, so why not tell me to come inside.

Anyway, he has not an little idea that I am hided inside the cave. On the other hand there is a strong hunger too.

The lion thinked for a while, said “You can come in.” While speaking this, the mouth of lion inadvertently made a huge roar.

Due to which all the animals around the cave ran away.

Then Sheru the wolf said, “Lion sir, does the cave even speak well?”
Saying this Sheru the wolf ran away.

When the lion came out and saw all the animals had run away. And in this way cleverly the wolf saved his life.


From lion point: If you are not restrained and discreet, then even a ready-made work can be spoiled.

From Wolf point: Everyone should be a inquisitive enough to analyse the minute details quickly.

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