A boy named Sham lived in a small village. His father used to work hard and drive home. The evening’s father took the city with him one evening. Because he got the job of cleaning a big field. A race was to be arranged in that ground.

He was very happy that evening seeing the huge ground. From that day on, even in the evening’s mind, the passion to run was ridden. On completion of the cleaning work by Dad, he set out to return to the village. While returning to the village, in the evening, he insisted with Dad that race competition should be organized in our village too.

Presented his opinion in front of the village head. He told the village headman, if you compete, the children of the village will get a chance to show their clan, and the fame of the village will also increase.
The village headman gave his consent. Competition preparations started from next week. Many children from nearby villages came to participate in this race competition.

Sham’s grandfather was watching all this peacefully. They wanted to try their best to win the evening. Because, this competition was very tough. But, the evening had resolved itself, that it is as much as it is. All the children were ready, as soon as the director told the city, the competing children started running towards the scheduled race line.

Stony roads, small pointy pebbles, sharp sunlight over these difficulties, the evening finally won the race. The whole field wave echoed with the talis.

After that the evening started participating in one competition. Wins in every competition in the evening. The process of victory was started in the evening life. But the evening’s grandfather was sad to see all this in his mind. One day Grandpa himself organized a special race for the evening. Seeing the race organized, the evening came to the ground with joyful heart.

At that time, Grandpa told the evening that son, there are different ways to win each race. Thinking it off and running. Grandpa’s words could not be understood in the evening.

This time too people from nearby villages came to see the competition. Sham noticed that apart from this race competition there are only two competitors. The competition director ran towards the race line with full force as the city played. He was about to reach the last stop, then he noticed that the remaining participants have not even started running.

Sham noticed that one is competitive blind, and the other is lame. May the peace now prevail. In the evening, he went back from the last stop and grabbed the hands of those contestants and drove them slowly to the race line. The three contestants crossed the race line together. Seeing this scene, the entire field resonated with the audience’s applause.

Then, the evening’s grandfather said, “Son, today I am absolutely sure that you are the real winner.”

Moral: Not as much as necessary in every race in life, but the person who walks with all the people, the same person has a place in everyone’s heart.

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