It is a matter of the seventeenth century when Hindustan was ruled by the Mughal Empire. And with the end of the Bahmani Empire in Maharashtra, the Bahmani Empire split into five small pieces. One of the pieces was Bijapur. There was a big chief named ‘Shahaji’. Who were present in the court every day in the service of their Sultan.

Shahaji also had a son whose name was Shivba. Shahaji once thought why not take Shivba with him once. After all, he too has to become a brave leader like me. And to work on the big upside, it would be good to be familiar with the rules of the court from now on. Therefore, he also asked Shiva to get ready to go to the court. Shivba also came ready without asking anything.

In a short while, both reached the court on horseback.

Leaning according to the custom of the court, Shahaji cornished the Sultan three times. And then he said to Shiva, “I am doing it in my son, bow to such a Sultan.”

Shahaji Raje along with Shivaji Raje Image Credits: Wikiwand

Then Shiva said, “Father salutation can be done even while standing. Then why are you bending down? “
Shahaji said, “Because, son Sultan is our breadwinner and follower.”

Shiva said, “But, father and mother always say, do not bow your head to anyone except mother, father, guru, and mother Bhavani. And I also think this thing of mother is true. Therefore, my head will not bow before anyone except you, mother, master and mother Bhavani.”

The courtiers of Bijapur were amazed to see such great courage of that little child at such a young age. Shahaji looked at Shivba with a little anger. Then Shahaji, handling the situation, said to the Sultan in a humble voice, “Huzur Shivba is still a child, so he is not familiar with the customs of the court, forgive his mistake.”

Shahaji was happy inside with the words of that little Shivba. Shahaji was now beginning to be sure about the rites of Shivba Maa Jijabai here. Therefore, Shahaji along with Jijabai sent Shivba to Poona in Maharashtra. From where Shivba established Hindavi Swarajya. And as soon as he saw it, the same Shiva conquered 350 forts and became Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who provided umbrellas to the people.

Image Credits: Neeraj Rane, Source: Wikimedia

Moral: Rites are the greatest heritage inherited from one’s parents.

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