Rahul worked in an office for two years. Some people in that office were jealous of Rahul’s good work. One day at the time of afternoon Rahul was eating.

Office colleagues during lunch break

Suddenly, he heard the voices of the people from the nearest table. So without letting them know, he could easily heard their voices because of the wooden wall. Rahul heard that his fellow employees were talking about the promotion.

One of them said, “This time he is not going to get a promotion.”
Another asked, “Why?”

The first person replied, “The boss has said that Rahul will be fired next month giving some excuse.”

Hearing the words of that office employees, Rahul got a little scared. Now Rahul quickly finished his lunch-box and started working again.

Coincidentally, the very next month, Boss called Rahul to the cabin and said, “Rahul, what’s the matter with you? Is there anything special?”

Employee Rahul and Boss Conversation

Now Rahul began to think that, what he heard that day is probably going to come true now. Rahul said, Sir, I know that you want to fire me from the company.

The bosses were shocked to hear Rahul’s words. The boss asked Rahul, “Rahul, who told you that, I want to get you out of the company.”
Then Rahul told the whole story that he has heard to the boss. Smiling on his story, the boss said,

“Rahul, I will tell you a story and name of the story is:

Stupid bulls and vicious rabbits:

There was a dense forest, where an ox that was a good friend of the lion and both was living together. Every day, the lion would eat a wild animal to satisfy his hunger. But being good friends, the lion did not think of eating the bull.

In the same forest there was a vicious rabbit. Who was very jealous of the friendship of the lion and the bull. One day, after eating fodder, the bull came under the tree to rest. Then, from behind the bushes, the rabbit with his friend the fox, started talking loudly.

Bull hearing talk of rabbit and Fox

The ox began to listen with his ears carefully. The rabbit said, do you know why the bull are still single?

The fox said, “No, why?”

Then the rabbit said, “Because every cow that comes into the forest is eaten by a lion.”

The bull was very sad hearing about this. This caused a rift in the friendship between the bull and the lion. One day while going out hunting, a lion came on the road and said, I will not let you hunt from today. Despite explaining a lot the bull did not understand. Eventually the poor bull himself became the prey of the lion.”

The boss laughed and said that look Rahul you will find vicious rabbits and foxes everywhere. They will spare no effort to spoil your work with your relationships. Now it is up to you to decide how much your words will affect your work.

Moral: One should not blindly trust everything one see or hear. It is mandatory to confirm the truth before believing it.

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