In the nineteenth century, there was a school in Pune district of Maharashtra. A class teacher of that school went out of work for some time. Then, all the students in the class were having fun, some of them had brought peanuts from their home. Students were eating and having together. There was a child named Keshav, who was different from those naughty students. He was not among those vagrant and was seated separately.

Classroom students having fun eating peanuts food

Shortly afterward, the teacher came into the classroom and noticed that peanut peels are spread all over the class. Then, the teacher asked all the students, who ate the peanuts in the class? All the students were looking at each other, but no one was mentioning name of anyone.

Another time the teacher asked, who ate the peanuts and peeled them in the classroom? If no one told, then the students of the whole class would get punished. Yet no students were ready to name each other. Now the teacher got angry and started beating each student with a stick. Not as much as shown in the image but still angry teacher started beating.

Now came teacher came towards Keshav, who had not eaten peanuts and had fun with the rest of the students. Teacher asked him once again that, “Did you eat peanuts.” Keshav said, “Masterji, I did not ate peanuts.” Then, teacher asked to Keshav, “Who ate the peanuts in the class, tell his name?”

Then, Keshav fearlessly told, “Masterji, I did not eat peanuts and did not throw peels of it in the whole class. Therefore, I will not take stick because, it is not my fault.” And I do not even have the habit of interference, therefore, I will not tell the name of any student.”

That teacher did not like talking to such a young student in this way. Therefore, Keshav was removed from the school by taking him in front of the Head-master. After went to home, Keshav told the whole thing to his father. The next day Dad went to school along with Keshav.

He told the Head-master that, my son was right, he did not even look at anything in the market except for the food items of the house. Once, when my son mistaken then, I can see and tolerate my son leaving the school. But without any mistake or crime, he cannot be punished. On hearing this thing from father of Keshav, the Head-master became completely calm.

This student went ahead and became famous in India by the name of “Bal-Gangadhar Tilak. He played a big role in the Indian freedom struggle of India. People addressed him as Lokmanya due to popularity among Indian people. His famous slogan was, “Swarajya is my birth-right and I will receive it soon.”

Moral: If you have not done anything wrong, then you do not have to fear anyone.

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