Now, a story that I am telling is about a soldier of the army of respected and beloved Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Whose name was “Savalya Tande.” He was admitted to the Maratha army only a few days ago. If you have read the biography of King Shivachatrapati, then you must have known his awe-inspiring history.

But today, I will tell you a different story from the biography of Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje. By which you will understand ​​how dutiful & loyal every soldier in the army of Shivaji Maharaj.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje had many forts. On each of those forts, he made very strict rules & regulations. From those rule, there was a rule, that before the sun rises and after the sun sets, no one should be allowed to go inside or outside of the fort.

Chhatrapati Shivarai had asked each of his castellans to follow this rule with strictness. A soldier named Savalya was appointed in one of his forts.

One day, castellan entrusted the responsibility of guarding the entrance of the fort after the sunset. Savalya had a habit of doing his work honestly. He started guarding at the entrance. After some time, there was darkness all around the fort. After some time, the sound of the horses’ heads started to be heard. The horse rider came there in a while.

Fort Guardian Savalya with Shivaji Maharaj

Savalya stopped him and asked, “Sir, you cannot be allowed inside.”

The Knight said, “But, I am a Knight. What kind of trouble with leaving me inside? “

Then Savalya said, “No sir, no matter who the person is, the rule is one for all. Anyway, nobody should be allowed inside after sunset, this is final rule of Shivaji Maharaj. “

Knight kept celebrating Savalya for a long time but, Savalya was not ready to accept him on any condition. This debate continued for some time.

Finally, Knight got angry and said, “You nonsense, you look new here. You don’t know me If, I complained about you to Maharaj, you will lose your job. And by the way, if you let me in, who would know that you let me in? That is why, it would be good that you let me in, your silent as well as mine. ”

Then Savalya said, “Even if you say anything, I cannot break order of Maharaj by letting you in.”
Now the Knight became enraged, “Oh fool, Maharaj will punish you later. But before that, if I want then, at the moment, I will cut off your head.”

Savalya, boldly and calmly replied, “Sir, if you want to fight with me then, Alright.” I am ready to fight. But, until my last breath, I will not let you enter the fort.”

Now the Knight went down off his horse and took out his sword. Savalya also took out the sword from the sheath. As Knight approached Savalya for the attack, he changed his sentiment. And said to Savalya, “Hey Pagle, you don’t identified me?” I am Shivaji Maharaj. “

Hearing this thing of the Knight, Savalya was a little shocked. And said, “Sir, sorry but this rule has been set for everyone.” Therefore, even if you are Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, you cannot let me in. “
Hearing Savalya’s talk, the Knight left the house sitting on a horse smiling. After spending the whole night in the nearby village, came back to the entrance at sunrise.

After sunrise, Savalya gave entry to that chieftain. He was none other than Chhatrapati Shivarai.

After the court started, Shivaji Raje ordered to call the guard who guarded him at the entrance last night.
During this time, the story spread last night among the subjects. Discussion of the same thing was heard on everyone’s face.

Everyone was surprised that Savalya himself stopped Shivji Raje at the entrance and did not let him enter. People were angry at Savalya, people used to think, “Her courage. Maharaj, what punishment will you know now? “

At that time Savalya reached the court. He bowed his head down in the court and stood up believing himself to be a criminal.

Shivarai said, “Now believe it or not I am Shivji Maharaj.”

Savalya remained silent during this period.

Then Maharaja said to Savalya, “According to you, who himself refused Shivaji Maharaj to enter inside. What punishment should that person get? “

Then Savalya said in a low voice, “Maharaj, you are the rule of yours, not that once the rule is made, it is applicable to everyone. It is mandatory for everyone to follow that rule. No exception to that rule. I have followed the principles and rules made by you. ”

“Still, you are the chef yourself, that’s why, if you don’t like my behavior. So you can punish me whatever you want. “

Then Shivarai said, “No, Savalya you are a Kabil but not of punishment but of rewards.” You have set an example in front of everyone today that, even if Shivaji Maharaj is himself, everyone should follow the rules. ”
Speaking like this, he gave a gold ornament of his own hand to Savaliya.

Savaliya thus performed her duty. And Shivaji Maharaj also proved that by his behavior, he never breaks his own rules.

Moral: Under no circumstances should one leave duty. And it becomes everyone’s duty to follow the rules once made. Then even if those rules were made on their own.

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