There was a little boy named Mhalsa. The one who lived on the snowy mountain spent most of his life on the hill. One day Mhalsa came to the lower ground.

At that time, the boy was wearing a warm coat made of large attractive furrows. The cold that was left while coming out of the icy hill ran away as soon as it came to the ground. Then she landed her coat and threw it on the ground below. After some time Mhalsa got completely drenched.

Now Mhalsa got very angry at Suraj. Anger came so much that he started thinking that the sun had no benefit. Mhalsa got angry and thought of punishing Suraj. For that, he decides to go to the tantric. He asked the tantric to make a trap in which he could catch the sun. According to him, by making a trap, the tantric gave it to Mhalsa.

The next morning, Mhalsa went to the hill. At the beginning of that day, he caught the sun in his trap. Due to which the sunrise did not happen that day. No animals could go to collect food. On the other hand, all the animals saw that the sun is trapped in the net.

Then all the animals called the rats and persuaded them to cut the nets. At that time, rats were much more formidable and larger than today. Considering everything, the rat cut its entire sharp teeth. All the creatures became very happy setting the sun free. But the rat got his punishment because the size of the rat became very small due to the scorching heat of the sun. This is the reason why the mouse is still very small.

Moral: Sometimes we may have to sacrifice a lot to get something.

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