There lived a merchant named Ramdas in prosperous state of Gujarat in India. Along with worship of God, he used to handle the business of trading very well.

In his daily routine, he used to worship God after taking bath in the morning. After that, he used to open the shop on time every day.

He earned money and respect in the society with his hard work. There were discussions of honesty all around Ramdas.

After becoming old, it became difficult to work with him. Then his sons started helping him in his business.

Now Ramdas was 60 years old.

Ramdas thought in his mind, maybe now I should spend all the time in worshiping God and doing public service.

But on the other hand, his mind tells him that no, now he has to play with the grandchildren, teach them and watch them grow up.

They have to get married too. After all this, it would be right to give up the shop.

Thinking about this, Ramdas was going for a walk in the morning. At the same time, the sweeper lady was sweeping the road.

Seeing Ramdas walking on the road, the woman said, “Sir, please get aside. If you stay in the middle, the clothes will get spoiled due to dust.

If you stay on one side, you will be safe from dust.
Those words of the cleaning worker woman opened eyes of Ramdas.

He understood that the worldly and spiritual are two different paths in life.

It is impossible to walk these two paths simultaneously.

He went home at the same time, giving the keys of the shop to his sons and said, “My boys, I have spent so far in my life earning money. But now, I want to spend the rest of my life with devotion to God, doing public service with the money I have earned.”

Hearing this, all the sons and other family members were very sad. But keeping the wish of Ramdas, his family members freed him from all the obligations.

Now Ramdas was immersed in worshiping and public service with full devotion. After some time people started knowing Ramdas by the name of “Bhagat Ramdas”.

Moral: The person who rides in two boats will never gets any welfare.

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