Once there was a boy named Arnav. In his life there were so many troubles including his uncontrolled anger. So, once Arnav got angry he doesn’t realises whether the tone and words he using is appropirate or not.

Father of Arnav intentionally gifted him with hammer and box of nails. While gifting his father said that, “Every time you feels angry, go to backyard along with a nail and hammer it in wall.”

Father said further, “Remember, you also have to remove a nail after hammering it into wall.”

Arnav was so short tempered that he used almost one-third of nails in a month. Then, over next month the frequency of using nail decrease drastically. He automatically became calm and patient.

At the day of Arnav emptied the box and removed his last nail, father said, “Good job my boy. But have you seen the deep holes on the fence? The wall is not going to be same as before.”

“Similarly, when you use whatever speech in anger, you will leave signs”

Moral: Anger is the most destructive nature of human whenever you show Anger, wound happened might heal but its signs will be permanent.

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