Once, a family lived in a Jambalpur village. The family included a daughter and her mother and father.

One member of that family was Sneha. She was the only daughter of that family.

One day three old men came to Jambalpur village. Those who took shelter in the village temple.

In the evening Sneha’s mother saw them, they all seemed very tired and hungry. That’s why Sneha’s mother invites them for a meal at home.

But one of the three people said that we three cannot come to your house together, you have to choose one of us.

Those three persons give their names, the name of the first was Dhan, the name of the second was Yash and the name of the third was Prem.

All three said that you should go home comfortably and think, and invite someone for dinner at dinner time.

Then Sneha’s mother came home and asked the family, then Sneha’s father said, “Dhan should be called only.”

Sneha’s mother felt, “We should invite Yash only.”

But Sneha felt that “we should call Prem only.”

Finally, both mother and father, obey the request of their daughter and invited Prem for dinner after the evening.

Prem started having food at home, then a surprising thing happens. Those companions of Prem named Yash and Dhan were standing at the door.

On asking them, both of them said that where there is love, we also want to go there.

Purpose of the story: Houses made with Brick and mortar can build a property.

You will also get many opportunities to get success by making efforts in any work.

But in a house where there are loving family members, success and wealth come automatically in such a house.

Moral: In the house where there is love between all the family members, peace prevails in such a house. Also only in such a house there resides wealth and success.

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