Akbar Birbal stories in English

Hi guys, welcome back again, if you are from India, then you definitely heard some stories of Akbar- Birbal. So, without wasting time let’s jump to read Akbar Birbal stories in English.

Akabar Birbal stories in English with moral:

Half partner:

Once Birbal was going to Raj Mahal early in the morning to entertain Emperor Akbar in a hurry. Just then, the palace’s doorway pal stopped them. He was appointed a newcomer to the door. Therefore, the Nav Ratna of Birbal Darbar is included in the court, this thing was not known by anyone. Even after Birbal told him everything, he was not letting them go inside.

Then Birbal used the device to go inside. Birbal went near the door and said softly, “Listen, if I let you go in, I will give you half of what you get.”

At this point the door was agreed and let Birbal go inside.

Birbal, who went for entertainment, made the king happy by hearing a lot. Then the king said to Birbal, “Ask, Birbal, whatever you want, today you have made us very happy.”

Then Birbal said to the emperor, “I have only one request from the government, that I should be given a hundred penalties.”

The king was shocked to hear Birbal’s strange demand. But finally the king had to fulfill Birbal’s demand. Therefore, Emperor Akbar ordered that “Birbal should be killed a hundred coarse.”

In a short time a soldier appeared asad.

Now the soldier was about to start beating Birbal, then Birbal said, “Hey wait! I have forgotten my partner. Out of the hundred penises that I have asked, half of the stake is the door pal, standing outside the palace. “

The emperor immediately ordered the palace to call Pal.

Shortly after the door came, he was very happy. He did not know which prize the king would participate in.

Now Birbal said, “This is the share of half of the hundred cauds I asked for.”

On Birbal’s tell, the soldier started to grow more. Now the land slipped under the feet of the sail.

Then Birbalan explained the whole incident to the king in detail.

The soldier said in front of Birbal and Badshah, “Apologies to the government, forgive me for the last time there will be no such mistake again.”

Dwar Pal realized the mistake made at work. Then on understanding Birbal, the emperor also apologized to Dwar Pal.

Moral: Never be greedily deal with your duty.

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