About HistoricNation

HistoricNation is initiative to make stories available in different categories for readers.

Stories have always played major role on human brain. So on readers demand we begin the blog dedicated for stories and hopefully you will love it.


Here is what you will find on HistoricNation:


  • Stories from different categories like Moral stories, Panchatantra stories, Akbar-Birbal stories, etc.
  • A community of story readers.
  • Lazy readers can also have option to listen podcast with same content.

I bought the domain HistoricNation.com on July 12th, 2018 for sharing stories that listened before.


Why story reading, storytelling, story listening helps?


Researchers found that stories encourage espescially children to deveop imagination power. Stories affects deeply on human brain. You might already noticed it after watching a movie. Well, I am not here to share those filmy stuff. But I most probably here for sharing the great stories that will give you some moral out of it.

Hopefully it make some sense for you! smile


Man behind HistoricNation:


I am founder of HistoricNation.

Although, above words seems lot more big words. But trust me I am really normal guy who just want share some stuff.

I bought this domain in July 2018, but I acutally started writing stories in 2019.

So, hopefully you love the all future stuff! See you next time!

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