Once there was large farm near the forest, where mother dog living with her pups. There was also a deep well inside the farm.

So, mother dog have to be careful while wandering in the farm with pups. She already told her pups that never go that way where the well located.

One day one curious male pup among the pups went towards well. He wanted to explore the unseen farm and understand why her mother never let them go there.

When he went near the well, he seen his face due to reflection in water. So he thought that he was another dog.

Before he went to conclusion he wait a minute and observed the another dog. He realised that another dog was imitating him.

Therefore, he got angry and started fighting with him. While barking that little pup leaped on his reflection and he fell inside the well.

After falling inside he understood there is no other dog in the well. There were no steps to that well, and there was no way to escape out from that well.

So he started barking with pathetic voice. Now, he was trying to swim and survive, he went to corner side, so he could grip well.

Almost half day passed, but no one was there for help.

Now, his paws was started decaying out and he was totally helpless. Because not even her mother dog knows he was fell inside the wall.

Fortunately, one hour later farmer came for starting pump for watering crop. Farmer heard the voice of that pup, and arranged the basket to remove out a pup from that well.

After half an hour farmer sucessfully rescued the pup from that well. As soon as, pup taken out of well, he happily ran towards his family. Disobeying the order of his mother he learnt a lesson. So, he never went to that direction and alway followed saying of his mother.

Moral: Always listen and obey the saying of elders.

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