A cat named Shalu dies prematurely. Due to which the cat went to heaven. When cat named Shalu reached heaven, the messengers of God welcomed the cat very warmly.

On coming in front of God, God said, “Say if you have any desire, I will fulfill any one of your wishes.”

The cat said, “I don’t need much, just a bed, where there is no disturbance of any kind.”

God, accepting the wish of a cat, blessed him with “Ayushman Bhava.”

A few days later a mouse named Shalva died on the earth. On reaching heaven, God asked that mouse also to express one wish.

The Shalva mouse asked God for shoes with wheels, which could move here and there at a high speed.

The wish of the Shalva mouse was also fulfilled by God immediately.

After a few days after fulfilling the wish of both, God himself called the cat and asked, “How do you feel in heaven?”

Then the cat said, it was very nice. The food arrangements made on wheels here which I liked the most.

Moral: The laws of nature cannot be changed, so it is better to change yourself according to nature.

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