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Anger- The Enemy of Humans

Once there was a boy named Arnav. In his life there were so many troubles including his uncontrolled anger. So, once Arnav got angry he doesn't realises whether the tone and words he using is...

The Jump at Montreal

Karan was the man who went to foreign and roamed various destinations. After returning, he started to talk about the amazing adventures he had along with extraordinary deeds done. One of such...

Pawky Wolf and Mindful Sheep

In the forest, the pawky wolf accidentally faced the bear, and a fight begins. No one is there to rescue the wolf; therefore, the bear wounded him, so he could not move from a place. The wolf...

Fruit of Truth

Once a thought came in the mind of King Prataparudra of Prayag kingdom, he wanted to know whether after punishing people for any crime, whether there is any feeling of repentance in their mind or...

A Cat- The Resident of Heaven

A cat named Shalu dies prematurely. Due to which the cat went to heaven. When cat named Shalu reached heaven, the messengers of God welcomed the cat very warmly. On coming in front of God, God said,...

Aspects of Life

There lived a merchant named Ramdas in prosperous state of Gujarat in India. Along with worship of God, he used to handle the business of trading very well. In his daily routine, he used to worship...

Stories have always been an integral part of human life

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Benefits of reading & listening stories

Help child to develop literacy skills early

Child can understand the emotions quickly

Stimulates curiosity & excitement


Brain naturally gets ready to adapt communication skills

Inspires & give learning to child

Nurtures the creativity & imagination


Affect positively on brain of children


Effective for English learners to practice all four aspects of language learning: reading, listening, writing, & speaking

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Epic & Heart-warming stories only for you

Get Inspirational Stories directly In To Your Inbox

Epic & Heart-warming stories only for you

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